That’s a wrap!

The Read A Myth Challenge is officially over, I can’t believe it’s been a year!

Thanks everyone who participated, it’s been a pleasure to see what myth books you chose and to read your reviews. My tbr list is enormous from all the great suggestions I got from this challenge. I hope you all had lots of fun reading retellings of myths!

Now on to the announcement of the winners of our draw. There are three prizes and that unfailing old-school method of pieces of paper in a hat chose for

3rd prize– a set of magnetic bookmarks: ColReads

2nd prize– a little book holder clip: JessicaBookworm

and prize number one (a copy of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods) goes to TheParrishLantern

Congrats to the winners, I hope you’ll enjoy these little gifts! I have contacted you and please reply within a week and your package will be posted.

I think what this challenge has shown is that myths are still an integral part of our cultures and the literary canon and they are very much alive and flourishing in new versions and contexts.

Have a great 2012 and thanks again for participating in  our challenge!


2 responses to “That’s a wrap!

  1. And thank you for hosting this challenge, it was a lot of fun 🙂

  2. Shellie from

    Yes I agree and congrats to the winners!
    I am sad that you are not hosting again this year!

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