Long Overdue Wrap-Up Post

I’m so sorry for taking so long with this wrap-up post! You’ve all been so enthusiastic myth readers, my tbr list is getting enormous 🙂

Jessica from The Bookworm Chronicles has read and reviewed the last two books in the Percy Jackson series, The Battle of the Labyrinth and The Last Olympian. She has the following to say about this series: “All in all I would highly recommend this whole series to all those lovers of mythology and adventure. A perfect and easy way back into Greek Mythology if you are also taking part in the Read-A-Myth Challenge.

Jessica also read more about myths and reviewed Norse Tales of Legends, Gods and Heroes and Native American Myth and Legend. That means she has now only one more myth book to read for the challenge!

Beachreader has read and reviewed two books in the Canongate Myth series, Girl Meets Boy and Dream Angus. She rated Girl Meets Boy 5/5 so I really think I need to give it a try.

Shellie of Layers of Thought has also been a busy bee and read and reviewed “AMemory of Wind”, The Penelopiad and Beyond the movie: Troy, Galore and  Possession. I’m happy to hear that she enjoyed her first Atwood! Shellie recommends Galore to “historical fiction lovers, those who enjoy a mythic theme, and those who love complex colorful characters in their reads.” Doesn’t that sounds great?

Rachel of Jacob’s Beloved’s Books read and reviewed the following works: The Penelopiad, A Short History of Myth and A Midnight Dance. Rachel cannot recommend A Short History of Myth, as “The book struck me as highly opinionated, vague, and too general for the topic being addressed. I have no doubt that there are better and more thorough books available on the topic of myth.

Books and Sunhi read and reviewed The Goddess Test. Her verdict: “I really had a fight with myself over a four or a five, but ultimately went with a four  because while I did enjoy it on my first time through my second read through made me so damned angry.  I warn you to never read this carefully.

The Books of my Life read and reviewed The White Queen and has also done her wrap-up post for the myth challenge as she has completed her level 2 Erlang Chen. Her favorite myth read was Graceling. Well done, you!

Thanks everyone for participating and reading and reviewing up a storm! I’ll do my best to post a timely wrap-up post for October and hopefully read more myth books myself. Happy myth reading everyone!


5 responses to “Long Overdue Wrap-Up Post

  1. Nice post – Its better when one saves a bunch of little bits and combines them into one!

    Everyone is so busy these days… crazy life.

    Cheers Bina and JoV!!!

  2. We had a wait but it was worth it, got lots of reviews and books to check out now, we have all been very busy bees. Thank you to both of you can’t be easy running your own blog and this at the same time!

    • You have indeed all been busy bees, I’ve been horrible at my own challenge in comparison!
      It is crazy sometimes, but then you’re all such great participants, it’s fun 🙂

  3. Thanks for doing this Bina. What would I do without you buddy? 🙂

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