May 2011 Wrap-up Post

After a quiet March and April, May saw a surge in mythology books reviews. I’m excited by this and hope that everyone, including myself, will ourselves to read more books on myths and do some catch-up before the end of the year!

In May we see the following reviews published:

Jessica @ Bookworm Chronicle read a few more books in Percy Jackson series and Bellezza and Colleen organised The Penelopiad read-along. The read-along ignites the fire to pursue the Canongate Myth series project that I did last year but have been left cold for awhile, until I picked up The Lion’s Honey. The Lion’s Honey is an analysis of Samson’s psyche and of his action leading to Delilah’s deception at the end of it. I would like to read a few more books from the series, what came to my mind next is Baba Yaga lay an Egg and Binu and the Great Wall by Su Tong. I am also intrigued with Haroun and the Sea of Stories as I couldn’t recall Rushdie wrote a book of this title!

Don’t forget to hop over to two of Kah Woei @ The Books of my life reviews on her blog!

Although I said it’s a May wrap-up post, let me introduce you to a few more reviews since Bina last did her wrap-up in February 2011….

In April, Kristin reviewed the second book from the Seven Kingdoms trilogy. The book question if it is possible to love someone and be beloved by that person, though the person we love can be unkind or even cruel to others? Read this and find out!

In March, Jessica @Bookworm Chronicle read her first Percy Jackson debut and Jessica highly recommend this book as a quick, easy and fun way to get back into greek mythology, she even wrote a film review about it!
In February, coincide with Valentine’s day, Shellie @ Layers of thought wrote a review on Delirium, a young adult novel on insightful thoughts and grounding ideas about love and human nature. Look out for more books from the Delirium series to come!

Thank you so much for participating and hope to see more of your reviews coming in!


4 responses to “May 2011 Wrap-up Post

  1. Fantastic, thanks for doing the round-up for May, Jo! And this time I don’t have to be embarassed because I finally managed to contribute a review 😀

  2. JoV
    I have noted that the review I posted – Delirium (which has rewritten myths as a subject in the story) has not been included in the round ups? Does it not qualify?

    • Shellie,
      Bina and I don’t always remember to do a wrap-up every month, fingers crossed we’ll try to do it from now on. I was writing for reviews posted in May, hence introduced all the reviews in that month. I have now included the past reviews as well. Thank you for participating.

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