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12 responses to “Share your Reviews

  1. I am incredibly excited about this challenge, as my one major – Classical Civilisations was all about Ancient Greek and Roman Society; and all the myths that make them as mystical as they are!!!

  2. Heard about this challenge from several bloggers, who all recommended it to me, so have signed up at level one (Athena), with the aim of flying higher , and hopefully not crashing like Icarus.

    • Parrish, it’s wonderful to have you here. We both read loads of Japanese Literature, it will be delightful change to read some myths this year! Have fun! 🙂

  3. *$£%^ up the first time, sorry. This tale which dates from around the 3rd millennium BC, was miraculously preserved on clay tablets, & is one of the finest surviving epic poems, predating homer’s Iliad, as there is good evidence that most of the poems were written down in the 1st centuries of the 2nd millennium BC & that they had existed in much the same form many centuries earlier. The version I have is part of the penguin Classic Series & was introduced by N.K. Sandars.

  4. Learn the inside story of Troy’s fall as seen through the eyes of a bright
    teenage girl. Polyxena will touch your heart. She was the youngest daughter of King Priam of Troy who was sacrificed by the Greeks to
    appease the ghost of Achilles and assure their smooth sailing home.
    Find out how all this happened in this story.

  5. My first review is in — I really enjoyed The Firebrand by Marion Zimmer Bradley. I can’t see the results of the McLinky, though. Do they fall on another page? Thanks so much again for hosting this Challenge. I’m already working on my next book! Col

  6. This was a fun post, Borges, Book of Imaginary Beings

  7. Just posted a late review which should have been included in Feburary’s link ups.

    Delirium is a young adult dystopian which has some myth related themes in that the author uses example of reworking cultural myths as a way to further indoctrinate a population into “a new world view”.

    I like that concept otherwise the book for adults – I would give it a miss.

  8. Sorry, I left the wrong url while linking my review for The Replacement. Could you remove the first link ?

  9. Just posted one back logged review:
    Possession – AS Byatt which has a mythic theme including fairies.
    Two other posts including 2 myth related books, one Nebula nominated short story; and a dvd:
    Galore – Crummey (universal religious myth)
    The Penelopiad – Atwood (audio) – Greek Myth
    “A Memory of Wind” – Swirsky – Greek Myth
    Troy – beyond the movie ( great tie in for the above two)

    Catching up – now to get John in on the party!

  10. I reviewed Abandon by Meg Cabot, a loose retelling of the Persephone Myth.

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